The following was provided by Terrence Lo.

Current as of 10 a.m. EST, January 15, 1998 - at the peak of the Ice Storm Crisis.

Operation Recuperation Canadian Forces Assistance to Civil Authorities in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick

The Canadian Forces has been tasked to provide support to provincial authorities of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. The total number of troops currently deployed is approximately 15,127 (including approximately 3,673 reservists). They are engaged in cleaning debris, moving citizens to shelters, delivering information flyers, and providing general support to communities affected by the ice storm.

On the Solicitor General’s request, the Canadian Forces, under the direction of the military chain of command, will provide support to the police forces of Quebec. Canadian Forces personnel will have the power of peace officers to detain people until they can be turned over to police authorities. Canadian Forces members will provide unarmed patrols of neighbourhoods, and accompany the police forces in the municipalities, if requested. Similar assistance was provided to the Government of Manitoba last spring during the Red River flood. This assistance will continue as long as it is required.

National Level Support

DND has :

a.Provided large quantities of camp cots, air mattress, sleeping bags, generators and miscellaneous equipment from units across Canada to affected areas ; b.Moved high output generators ; c.Flown a total of 57 airlift missions in support of the operation :

40 Canadian Forces flights ; 11 chartered flights ; 4 C-17 flights ; and 2 AN-124 flights.

d.Committed 29 CH146 Griffon helicopters ; e.Provided 100 military police personnel to Montreal ; and f.One CP 140 Aurora photo reconnaissance flight.

Support to the Province of Quebec

The immediate need in the Montreal area is for generators in farming communities where power is expected to be out for days, and to assist emergency hydro crews throughout the affected area in cleanup operations.

Support includes :

a.Housing facilities and a hospital in support at Garrison St-Jean ; b.Eight field kitchens, each feeding up to 1,000 people ; c.Helicopter support to Hydro-Québec ; d.Assisting Hydro-Québec in the reconstruction of high tension towers ; e.Conducting road maintenance and providing logistic support to the affected population ; f.Facilities at Longue-Pointe and Garrison St-Jean accommodate 150 and 1,281 civilians respectively ; and g.Ten military personnel are assisting in de-icing operations on the Victoria bridge.

Support to Ontario and National Capital Region

Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) of Ontario has requested assistance from National Defence for the areas in and around Ottawa-Carleton, Brockville, Lanark County, Hawkesbury, Perth, Smiths Falls, and Kingston. This request is for personnel and equipment to support clean-up operations and to provide transportation assistance to shelters.

Of note

On 14 January, soldiers saved lives by extinguishing an uncontrolled fire in a house in Ste. Bernadine, Ont., while an elderly couple was sleeping. Occupants of another home in Chelsea, Que., who nearly succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning were also rescued.

Support to New Brunswick

Commander Land Force Atlantic Area has responded to the Province of New Brunswick’s request for assistance. The assistance required is mainly for the region centered around Saint John. Approximately 384 personnel are involved in the main task which is brush removal.


Sharon, the following is a list of the units I know to have been deployed:

The Ottawa area has troops from Petawawa, so it'd be sub-units of 2 Brigade. They have a battle-group forming for Bosnia, so I don't know what units will be employed here, but it's 1& 3 RCR, 8 CH, one of the RCHA regiments (3?), and 2 CER.

Montreal got troops from Valcartier, so it'd be 5eme Brigade. R22eR, 12 RBC, 5 RALC and 5 RGC. Reserve units 3 FER (Westmount) & RMR (Westmount), 4R22R, 6R22R, 51e Compagnie Médicale, 52e Compagnie médicale , Fusiller du Mont-Royal, The Blackwatch Regiment, & the Canadian Grenadier Guards have also been deployed.

Apparently, there are also troops from Edmonton and Shilo, MB too. 1 RCHA was sent to the North shore of QC.

All are being administered out of CFB Longue Pointe.