Please contact us at if you are aware of other organizations requiring assistance with specific details, including contact information. If you are aware of any errors in these listings, please contact us.

Food is in great demand throughout the affected regions.

Firewood is no longer a problem as agencies are able to meet the current demand of 31,000 cords of wood per day.

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu: One of the hardest hit areas in the region has set up a disaster relief fund. Checks should be made payable to "Fonds Saint-Jean pour les sinistrés du Haut-Richelieu" and sent to Ville de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, C.P. 1025, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, J3B 7B2 Canada. You can call 514-359-0488 or 514-359-7048 to pledge donations.

Saint-Mathias-sur Richelieu: Donations can be made at the caisse populaire (equivalent of credit union), 296 Des Patriotes Rd., Saint-Mathias, Quebec J3L 6A6. The branch number is 90070815 and the fund account number is 10264.

Red Cross: English site or French site . They have set up a disaster relief fund and are accepting financial contributions directly.  They are also in need for blood donors, especially in Eastern Canada. . Special need for blood types O negative, O positive and A negative. You can contact the Red Cross at 514-832-0873, at 1-800-343-7264 or by calling your local Red Cross office directly.

  • In Quebec, you can contact them at 800-592-7649
  • Western Canada: 888-356-6336
  • Ontario: 800-850-5090
  • Atlantic Canada: 800-463-4483

You can also mail donations payable to Red Cross-Disaster Response to your local Red Cross branch or to the Canadian Red Cross at Canadian Red Cross National Office, 1800 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa, ON  K1G 4J5 Canada.

Tel-Aide: This organization is Montreal based and is looking for volunteers in the Montreal area to start training to deal with phone consultations.   Contact 514-288-7441.

Salvation Army: The Quebec Salvation Army is in need of food. Clothing, donations, etc are welcome. Contact 514-288-7441.

City of Montreal:  Firewood - Call 514-873-6853 (it must be dried); Food & Hygenic Products - Call 514-872-3434; Shelter or volunteer support - Call 514-872-3434.

Sun Youth: Requires many household goods, food, children's products, financial assistance. Contact them at 514-842-6822.

St-Hyacinthe: The city is one of the hardest hit. Requires large generators. Contact them directly at 514-778-8582. 

Granby Region: Generators are needed for farmers. 514-379-9284

St. Vincent de Paul Society: If you wish to donate dry goods or food in  large quantities , call the St.Vincent de Paul Society at 514 526-5937.