A Look Through the Lens of Stan Komorowski's Camera

Stan Komorowski, a serious photographic hobbyist for almost 30 years,
himself without power for eight days, opened his front door on Jan 5th
and instantly committed himself to document Canada's great Ice Storm.
Armed with three cameras, seven lenses and 15 rolls of film he traveled
almost daily to witness and capture the destruction right in the "eye"
of the storm, the so called "dark triangle" of the St. Jean and surrounding
areas. It brought him to the frozen isolated fields of huge crumpled
electrical towers, the smallest of deserted towns, all the while not
forgetting to record the situation at the very last farm down the extreme
end of practically impassable roads. This small sampling collection is
only a fractional peek of the over 300 (and counting) images Stan has put
on film.

So witness for yourself the damaging results of Canada's great Ice Storm of

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