Here are the few links offering information on the Ice Storm. If you know of any others, please send us an email at

Current Conditions - From the Sources Hydro Quebec offers different information, updates, tips and more.  They also have a historical account of the days from January 12th to January 15th, 1998.   Road Conditions in Quebec. offers weather forecasts by Environment Canada. has images from weather satellites.

Hydro's Plan You can get the complete details of Hydro Quebec's infamous five year plan which was approved by Premier Bouchard's government without going through the normal hoops. This is a site the union representing workers at Hydro's research institute has up. You can read their view of the plan. Another opponent to the plan is the Grand Council of the Cree. Interested in how previous Hydro projects have affected the northern regions? You can visit the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee site.

Media Sources Online

CBC Radio is offering online text and real audio reports on the situation.

Yahoo has an excellent selection of articles and sites relating to the storm.

The Montreal Gazette - The Montreal Gazette and all its employees deserve awards for making sure that the Gazette has been printed and delivered throughout this ordeal. Even when the mailman didn't come last week, our Gazette still made it. They've had some excellent coverage of the Ice Storm and offer some pictures that will help you have a good visual of the situation. offers a selection of various articles distributed through the wire services. They have one great article offering Insurance Advice and a fairly active discussion board called Storm Chatter. You'll find in the photograph section some shocking picitures, including one of a building that collapsed.

Providing Assistance

Updated: The Canadian Red Cross is providing a good deal of support. You can visit their English site or their French site for information on making a donation through them. They have also set up telephone numbers to find out about the location of people who may be in shelters. To check on people in Ontario, call 613-739-3000 and for Atlantic Canada 506-648-5020.  Due to the number of affected people in the province of Quebec, they have asked that you contact individual municipalities.

Photo Galleries This site has some really powerful photos of scenes in and around the Montreal area. Worth a visit to get a true idea of the situation.

Other Support Sites

Safeguard Publications has some informative articles on dealing with disasters, including how to deal with the emotional aspects.

Emergency Planning For The Home. A great site offering a good deal of information and links on preparedness.    It offers information on shelters and needed supplies. Also provided are some links to media sources. A general web site on the Ice Storm. They offer various original articles covering the Ice Storm. A site to thank those who have helped with the relief drive.  Slow-loading, but be patient.

French Sites/ sites francais

Ville de Montréal - mesures d'urgences specifique sur le verglas. vous offres beaucoup des renseignements comme des centres d'hebergement, banques, historiques, numeros des telephones importante et plus.

Publications Sauve Gardes vous offres des renseignments sur des disastres.

Matinernet offres des nouvelles.

Urgence Verglas Le site web de Sympatico sur je sujet. Il y a beaucoup des discussions en francais. Le site web de Hydro Québec - Des nouvelles assortis et discussions en francais. Visitez! Un site Web nouveau. Il n'y a pas beaucoup ici, mais il ya quelque photos.

Other Affected Areas

State of Emergency is a site set up by an Ontario company that offers news relating to that area. - Southern Essex County site (Community Town Square) has various pictures of the damages caused by the storm in that region.

Pictures in and around the Kingston, Ontario region.


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