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January 13, 1998 (INB) - Ergodynamix, a Montreal-based online publishing company has risen to the call of community support by launching The Montreal Ice Storm '98 Reporting Site.

El Nino? Global Warming? Armageddon? Whatever the reason for the Ice Storm of 1998, the lives of millions have been affected. People have banded together to fight the largest natural disaster of the century to strike residents of the northeastern parts of Canada and the United States. Their very lives have depended on it.

Sharon Tucci of Ergodynamix was one of those whose lives was turned upside down with the Ice Storm. Tucci was more fortunate than many in that her power returned late Sunday. Out of a desire to do something to help others, Tucci immediately set to work on designing and launching The Montreal Ice Storm '98 Reporting Site.

"I received many, many phone calls and emails from online friends who wanted to make sure I was okay and to see if they could do anything for area residents," said Tucci. "If this many people were concerned about me, I assumed that there would be others who would want to know what was happening here. Being an Internet-based entrepreneur, it seemed a natural move to set up a web site devoted to the Ice Storm. I never anticipated the worldwide interest such a site would bring! We're receiving messages from people worldwide who want reassurance that family members or friends are fine. Others are writing and asking what they can do to help with the recovery. We're also starting to get messages from people in affected areas whose power has returned and are trying to deal with the repercussions of it."

Visitors to the Montreal Ice Storm '98 Reporting Site will find the following information:

* Updates every 4-6 hours on new developments
* A discussion board to post comments and send a word of support
* Answers to many Frequently Asked Questions about the Ice Storm
* Thought-provoking articles about the ramifications of the Ice Storm
* Information on providing assistance to those in need
* Links to other resources about the Ice Storm on the Internet

The site will remain open until at least a month after power has been restored.

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