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Thornton, PA--January 22, 1998-Internet businesswoman and Montreal resident Sharon Tucci has joined forces with Internet retailer to raise funds for victims of the ice storm that stranded thousands of Canadian residents and left them isolated. Tucci, who is already a Spree Independent Partner says she used the tools and the medium she knows best to help people stay in touch.

"I was trapped in my house and feeling helpless when I realized - I own and operate an Internet business. What better way to put people in touch with friends and relatives and give them the latest news than over the Web," says Tucci. "That's how the Ice Storm '98 web site was started."

Tucci's web site is attracting worldwide attention. Within days of its launch, Tucci had to mirror her site to be able to handle the traffic. "I never anticipated the interest this site would bring," shared Tucci  "We're receiving messages from people around the world who want reassurance that family members and friends are fine. Others are writing and asking what they can do to help with the recovery."

One answer came from one of Tucci's business partners, " volunteered to raise funds for storm victims," Tucci says. "All people have to do to contribute is click on the Ice Storm '98 banner on my site and purchase any product, and will donate $1 to the Red Cross Relief Fund."

"This is where the Internet can help more quickly and more effectively than just about any other fundraising medium," says Spree President Mike Dever. "Anyone, any where in the world can connect to Sharon's site and each time they buy a book, gift, flower arrangement, coffee and tea or a CD, they will be helping to heat an elderly person's home or feed a child. We are proud to be able to help." Dever adds that the fundraiser will run through the month of February and beyond depending on what is needed.

About Sharon Tucci
SharonTucci is an ambitious 30-year-old Web publisher who creates
newsletters that help people improve their lives, including All About
Money, All About Biz, and a host of others. The online division of her
company, Ergodynamix, which only 10 months old, already reaches over
50,000 readers. Tucci also hosts discussion groups where she moderates
discussions about personal finances, networking, marketing and business
opportunities. She is also a member of the Independent
Partner program.

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