We have a number of different resources for those of you who may wish to provide assistance or those of you looking for assistance.

If you or anyone you know requires assistance, please see our Help Available Page. You can also obtain information about Shelters.

If you're able to get onto the Internet, then you can help! Please also visit the page for URGENT needs.  There are still one million people in the Quebec area that are without power and many hundreds of thousands more who need assistance in recoverying.

Providing Assistance

New04.gif (1134 bytes) We're pleased to announce a partnership with Spree.com. $1 from every purchase made at Spree.com  via this site will go towards the Red Cross Disaster Response Fund!  We have a press release available. Spree offers a wide selection of books, gifts and other items.

Click here to shop at Spree!  $1 from every purchase goes towards disaster relief efforts!

There are many different organizations that could benefit from financial and other support. If you are able to provide financial assistance, then great! Many of these groups can make use of it.  I'm setting up a clearing house of sorts that will divert any funds received via this web site to those groups that need it most.  If you're able to help out, it would be most appreciated by those in need.

As donations are received, I'll post the names of those who have been kind enough to make donations. I'll also keep you up-to-date on where the funds are being diverted.  I can accept donations via credit card, by check or money order. Donations by check and money order are preferred as it eliminates credit card processing charges. 

You can make donations via secured order form at https://plus38.safe-order.net/info-4-you/donation.htm

If you've gone through this site, then you already know that this is a voluntary effort. After being unable to work on my own business for close to a week, I'm now committing a good deal of time to this site. I anticipate a considerable number of visitors to this site. If you have a business online, you can benefit from exposure by becoming a sponsor of this site.

All monies received will be reported on this web site along with any recipients of funds. The only deduction Ergodynamix will make will be for any adminstrative or service charges associated with processing funds. Payments received via money order will immediately be passed onto organizations. Payments via check or credit card will be passed onto organizations as soon as cleared.
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